La sal isla cristina

Doña lola, isla cristina

This meeting includes a technical conference to be held on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 in the auditorium of CIT Garum, and which will involve technicians, teachers, researchers, scholars and professionals from different fields and points of the world geography to discuss in various lectures and panel discussions on issues related to this ancient fishery.

For some we are in front of the best beach bar of Isla Cristina. Excellent service and spectacular food.  A must on the beach. As you can guess from the name of the restaurant, sardines are the specialty. The most requested dish and valued by those who visit the establishment.

Beautiful establishment with direct access to the beach. Portuguese aroma in Huelva beaches, permeating the magical connection between the two places. The Portuguese cod is the specialty of the house, with a piquillos sauce. Excellent value for money.  Spectacular location and very good customer service.

La bocana isla cristina

Calle de la Sal is an emblematic street of the municipality of Isla Cristina. Therefore it belongs to the province of Huelva. It is an address that has a variety of areas of interest. From this location are usually prepared various routes and changes of position on GPS maps. This street has many portals and locations. The people who frequent this street also usually pass by Calle Pedro Lopez and Calle Oriente, it should be noted that it is located in one of the most important areas of Isla Cristina. The traffic is almost never difficult. Thanks to all the above mentioned, we strongly recommend to visit it. If you are also planning to go there, you have to visit Calle Pescadores, we are convinced that you will find it interesting.

El gato, isla cristina

In the mid-twentieth century, a German named Hans Burghard set his sights on the Huelva town of Isla Cristina to implement an idea. He observed that the confluence of the tides in its marshes was an ideal place for the sea water to leave a treasure whose exploitation was in its infancy at that time: salt.

«Juan El Alemán», as he was called in the village, was a mysterious character, involved in stories of espionage and legends that the neighbors turned into more or less established realities. There he met Manuel Gómez, a neighbor of Isla Cristina with whom he formed a partnership with the aim of exporting the production to his country.

The relationship between the two was so prolific – until Manuel kept the salt mines in 1981 – that the company operated continuously, and after overcoming many problems, entered the 21st century under the management of his daughter Manuela, who decided to turn the idea around to become the first artisanal salt mine on the coast of Huelva, and at the same time a tourist attraction for the town.

Restaurant el gato, isla cristina

Located on the road between Pozo del Camino and Isla Cristina (Costa de la Luz), on the coast of the province of Huelva and southwest of the Andalusian region. It is a company dedicated to the extraction of Virgin Sea Salt, Salt Flakes and Flor de Sal in an artisanal way. Initially in 1955 it is exploited by Mr. Manuel Gómez Rodríguez and nowadays by his daughter Mrs. Manuela Gómez Santana, being a pioneer at national level in the extraction of this exquisite salt. Our company carries out activities based on Environmental Education and the Natural Resources of the area (salt pans, marshes and surrounding areas). Visit us, we are waiting for you.