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At the beginning, the square was used for trade and exchange of products, mainly fishing products, but also from the surrounding agricultural villages, which were brought to the island by barge. Subsequently, these activities were relegated to areas also known as supply squares (plazas de abastos) in central but less frequented areas. The main axis of growth was, during this period, the square itself with Diego Pérez Pascual Street, known at the time as Real Street. The original square, of more modest dimensions than the present, called the Constitution for most of the time, had on its western flank the first parish of Isla Cristina, called the Dolores that, built in the eighteenth century lasted until the disturbances prior to the Civil War of 1936. This church was built thanks to the economic contribution of the immigration of a majority of Catalan fishermen who moved from Monte Gordo to La Higuerita following the Marquis of Pombal’s designs to move to Vila Real de Santo António.[1][2][3][3][3][4][5

Torrential rains devastate Lepe, Ayamonte and Isla Cristina

Almadraba Square, in the municipality of Isla Cristina. Within this categorization, it depends on the province of Huelva. In the vicinity it is quite likely to find parks or green areas. It seems to us quite reasonable to take for fact, that in this place we can find zones of stroll and route guides. How to arrive at Plaza de la Almadraba To know how to arrive at this street we must indicate the initial point or the street of departure hatsa the wished zone. (Press the button of «How to arrive», in the map.)Where is Plaza de la Almadraba Valuing the sinformacione that we handle, we will propose a series of adjacent streets to the position. As for example Plaza De Las Flores and Plaza De Nuestra Senora De Los Angeles.by right, is located within Isla Cristina. When you are in the area, you should see Plaza De San Francisco, it will probably arouse some curiosity. Places near Plaza de la Almadraba

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Located in the western part of the province, on the Costa de la Luz, Isla Cristina is a modern town with a long seafaring tradition. A great place to find salted meats and canned fish.

The town’s population soars in July and August due to the large influx of tourists, mainly from Seville. During these months it is best to book accommodation as far in advance as possible and be prepared for some considerable price increases.

After the Lisbon earthquake of 1755, the former Real Isla de La Higuerita became a stable place and in 1834 the name was changed to Isla Cristina, as a thank you to Queen Maria Cristina for the humanitarian aid during the cholera epidemic.

Here, the visitor can enjoy many attractions. Namely, the magnificent beaches and seaside resorts, such as Islantilla, Centro and Punta del Caimán. Also famous are the carnival and the Atlantic Coral Festival.

As you would expect in a port town on the Costa de la Luz, there are plenty of good fish restaurants to choose from, such as the famous Casa Rufino, as well as the summer chiringuitos (beach bars) that line the beach.

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